The owners of Mana magazine are pausing publication of the next issue while we consider new directions for our iconic publication.

Many changes have occurred in the last 25 years, many publications have come and gone in that time, while we have continued to tell Maori stories from a Maori perspective, which is what we set out to do.

But a quarter of a century is a good time to pause and take stock before deciding on what direction to take for the next twenty five years.

Peoples reading habits have changed since we first started as the lone independent Maori voice all those years ago. People have many more choices for how they receive and consume their information these days and we need to take those into account.

Other voices have sprung up providing their version of Maori stories, but unlike Mana almost all of those organisations are subsidised in some way or other by the government or iwi; Mana remains the sole privately owned, nationally available, independent Maori pubication.

We want to continue on into the future, but that will depend on a number of things; like reader support. We know we have a very loyal reader base, but we need to grow that, and we need to determine whether we are still relevant in this new age. With a healthy and growing reader base we should be able to attract the advertising revenues we need to continue. We also need to find new ways of funding our work too.

We apologise for not having clarrified our position sooner but there is much for us to evaluate and we do not want to make a series of potentially confusing statements until matters are settled. We can advise subscribers that unexpired subs to Mana are being held in a subscribers account.

We can also advise that we are talking to new people who have an interest in either joining us or maybe acquiring the magazine outright. New people may bring new ideas and may supply new blood and energy to carry our kaupapa forward. We don’t expect those talks to take too long, but they are ongoing and we will update you on the outcome as soon as we can.

Publishing a magazine has never been an easy process, least of all if you are a Maori publication, being pro-Maori and telling stories from a Maori perspective. Many corporate funded non-Maori magazines have come on the scene in the time we have been publishing Mana and then shut down. Our desire is to modernise and then relaunch our Mana brand. We’ll keep you posted on our efforts.

Statement made by Derek Fox from Mana Magazine.