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March 2005 cut-out clothing for Moana and Kingi

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Welcome to the Mana Kids cut dolls section. Their names are Moana and Kingi. Just print out the dolls by clicking on the pictures below, this will open a new window, then print out the doll (file/print). Follow the instructions below.


Kingi and Moana are tungane and tuahine, (brother and sister)

(1) - Print (file/print) them out and glue them onto a stiff piece of paper or card.

(2) - Cut them out.

(3) - Cut slits into the feet stands and fit them together to form a (+)


March 2005 clothing for Kingi and Moana


Kingi's Kakahu (clothes)
Kingi's kahu kiwi - click print large picture and colour in
Kai taka and Panetoki (cloak and skirt)
Moana's Kakahu (clothes)
Moana's kahu kiwi - click print large picture and colour in
Kahu Kiwi (Kiwi feathered cloak)

Your cut out doll should look similar to the following picture.

Ia marama (monthly) a new set of kakahu (clothes) will be available to print out for Kingi and Moana to wear. So don't forget to check back next month.



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