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April 2005 cut-out clothing for Moana and Kingi

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Welcome to the Mana Kids cut dolls section. Their names are Moana and Kingi. Just print out the dolls by clicking on the pictures below, this will open a new window, then print out the doll (file/print). Follow the instructions below.


Kingi and Moana are tungane and tuahine, (brother and sister)

(1) - Print (file/print) them out and glue them onto a stiff piece of paper or card.

(2) - Cut them out.

(3) - Cut slits into the feet stands and fit them together to form a (+)


April 2005 clothing for Kingi and Moana


“ Look at Moana and Kingi’s clothes for going to town.”
(click on the picture and then file\print)


Kingi's Kakahu (clothes)
Hate, tarau tangari and hu
Hate, tarau tangari and hu
(shirt, jeans and shoes)

Moana's Kakahu (clothes)
Moana's Kakahu (clothes)

Your cut out doll should look similar to the following picture.

Ia marama (monthly) a new set of kakahu (clothes) will be available to print out for Kingi and Moana to wear. So don't forget to check back next month.



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