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Tena Koutu tamariki ma,

Welcome to Mana kids

Printable Maori Language Learning Activities - The theme for this activity is weather and seasons. Print out the different seasons and use the knowledge gained to solve the word puzzle.

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New cut out doll - 'Pippy'

New cut out doll - PippyHere is a new cut out doll. It is Kingi and Moana’s little tuahine. Her name is Pippy.

This month Pippy is going to Te Kohanga Reo. Click to visit.







Don't forget our other fun activities also, which are listed below.


Colour in our pictures

Have a go at colouring the pictures we have made for you. You can either do it now on the internet or print the picture and colour it in using your own pens and crayons. We have two pictures for you to try out. Just click on the colouring pictures link.



Read some cool stories and legendsWe have a some cool stories and legends for you to read. Read about how the kiwi lost his wings and about the mischievous and very fast Te Houtaewa. Click on the stories link.


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Enjoy :-)

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